Friday, November 5, 2010


'THE THEORY OF CELESTIAL HARMONY', Man, the Universe, & Cosmic Mystery,a book written & published in 1968 by the late RODNEY COLLIN, who was a follower and 'disciple' of the late P.D. Ouspensky,extends certain concepts that might be of interest to those concerned with HUMAN EXISTENCE and the notion of SCALE & LEVELS as applied to mankind, his evolution, the earth and solar system, the Universe, etc. though many of Collin's conclusions and speculations might not be understood or accepted and many of them need not....but the framework, rather ambitious and controversial in many respects, still holds interest to those who are looking deeper into things and who remain somewhat unsatisfied with the current trends of life, of which render them both helpless and hopeless.....seldom going beyond the pain and pleasure principles, the 'survival of the fittest' and similar categories that portend a complete destruction of life and mankind in some form or another.....but one that is not, as might be expected, a religious or economic/political one.... Ouspensky as well as Collin touches on subjects that can be found in THE COSMIC CANCER by David L. Sussman,though on a different SCALE and a different LEVEL, as each 'compartment','category',classification' ,'topic' and 'concept' or 'idea' will show....subjects, sets, subsets, etc. all words for much the same process of creating an order in the midst of actual, real, assumed, asserted, confusing, and dangerous existence.....for many realize that life on earth is most precarious and that from some viewpoints, not mentioned exactly here, found in 'a very bad place in the universe'!.... Collin consideres the place of the earth within the solar system, within the galaxy, and among the other galaxies as well as the other INFLUENCES found in OUTER SPACE of the rest of the UNIVERSE, as we conceive of it or perceive it....something nearly all philosophers, psychologists, scientists and religionists have attempted to both elucidate and control.....arm in arm with governments and power possessors and the like.....often leading to wars, massacres and revolutions, purgings, and invasions and colonization not to mention exploitation of peoples and resources and sometimes utter extinction of people, animals, plants and the like.....processes still ongoing it would seem and now in a 'globalized' world making such keenly felt and discussed,etc. Simply reading books on all these things is not enough and to rely on book readers, who tackling these things, whether via actual books printed and weighty in both volume and measure, or simply electronically stored and transmitted, will not lead to any great advances, revisions in thought or action, or any deeper acceptance of responsibilities or 'altruistic' behavior and the like......and for many other reasons which need to be understood or explained or studied and researched..... As both Darwin and Sussman maintain, a study of ancient, primitive man(kind) and other life forms may well hold clues and hints for another evolution beyond that of nature itself.....but like the old alchemist's broom may spell unwanted and unforeseen did Pandora's Box.....more on this another time.

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